How Hugo and Cloudflare can make your website blazingly fast for Free

How often have you wished for your website to be lightning fast? Well, the answer is here! Hugo and Cloudflare can make your website blazingly fast - and the best part is it’s all free! Keep reading to find out how.


Page 1:

  • Introduction
  • Hugo who?
  • What is a Cloudflare?
  • Sneak Peek

Page 2:

  • Benefits of using Hugo and Cloudflare pages
  • How to set up Hugo

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  • Create your first Blogpost
  • Host on Cloudflare CDN for Free

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  • Gotta go fast!
  • My Conclusion


When I began searching for a suitable hosting provider for my website, I was overwhelmed by the number of options available.

From dedicated servers to all-in-one website builders and even self-hosting possibilities, there were so many different solutions to choose from. However, since I am already running a WordPress Website locally, I am familiar with the complexities of self-hosting, and I know that the current performance of my WordPress Website isn’t ideal.

Clearly, it is time for me to find a new solution! With a range of different hosting providers and website solutions to choose from, I am confident that I can find the perfect option for my needs.

Hugo who?

Who is Hugo?

He’s an amazing Static Website Generator written in Golang! Its purpose is to take your website project and turn Markdown files into static HTML pages.

This means that instead of building the page each time a visitor comes, like WordPress or other CMSs do, Hugo uses pre-defined structures to transform those Markdown files into simple and light HTML documents. Since the HTML documents will be used to Host the website, Hugo only needs to convert Markdown files once per Deployment.

The result?
An incredible boost in performance compared with using something like WordPress - you can access these pages via any browser or upload them onto hosting providers!

All information regarding Hugo can be found on its website, This is the perfect place to learn more about this amazing program and what it has to offer users.

What is a Cloudflare?

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Cloudflare is not useful in a survival situation to give signals. Instead, what Cloudflare does is securing a massive part of the internet as they are one of the biggest cybersecurity companies out there! A big part of their offers is securing websites and services.

Cloudflare acts as a middleman between Web server and Website visitor, forms a security layer and filters bad traffic. Part of this security layer is called Cloudflare Tunnels. This is what I am using to expose my WordPress Website securely to the internet. Besides Tunnels, Cloudflare also has the option to use Cloudflare Pages.

Pages will give you the opportunity to host a static website for free!
How convenient!

Sneak Peak

On the following page, let’s ignite a new journey of exploration with this newly found innovation. Let us kindle a flame, or at least bring your Website to life by introducing Hugo and producing our initial post!

Page 2 will be published on 11th Mar 2023